Retirement Party Invitations

Ideas for Invitations to a Retirement Party

Retirement is a new chapter in one’s life. At retirement, one develops a whole new set of directions, aspirations and priorities in life. This is the golden opportunity to do the many things one has not been able to do before, for example go golfing or fishing all day or volunteer at charity events.

retirement part invitations

Like the other life-changing milestones in one’s life such as one’s graduation, marriage or starting a family, retirement is like starting a new journey in life. One can spend more time with one’s families and loved ones, and make new friends along the way. And not forgetting the long vacations to places one did not have the chance to visit before.

For some, it may mean relocation to retirement community or a house by the beach. Whatever it is, retirement is a happy occasion that marks a person’s achievement in attaining the level of seniority and maturity that can only be attained through years of hard work and planning.

Celebrate One’s Retirement
Like all other life-changing events in one’s life, one’s retirement should start off with a celebration among close friends and families. Similar to a graduation party or a wedding celebration, a retirement party also represents a significant event in a person’s life.

There are numerous ways to plan a retirement party, be it a formal event to announce one’s retirement to colleagues and business associates or a close-knit intimate affair among closed friends and families. Alternatively it could be a surprise party for a colleague or a family member. There are many options of themes, invitation card designs, retirement quotes and party decorations available when planning a retirement party.

Invitation card concepts and design differ depending on the type of retirement party one plans to have. Listed below are three types of common retirement parties such as formal, informal and surprise retirement parties.

Invitation Cards for Formal Retirement Parties:
A formal retirement party is usually a black tie event organized for a former executive who is retiring after serving many years with the company. During such occasions, there should be a proper program in place that usually consists of a sit-down dinner, speeches and presentation of gift or memento. Guests who are invited are normally colleagues who work in the same company, members of the board of directors, business associates and customers or clients.

The design and color scheme of invitation cards for formal retirement parties should reflect the event’s theme. For example, in celebration of one’s golden years of retirement, gold colored invitation cards or gold-colored wordings can be used. Alternatively one can opt for a design or color that reflects the company’s logo or business, or centered on the retiree’s favorite sports or hobby theme like golf or sailing.

An invitation card for formal retirement parties should have the following information:

  • Brief objective of the party to communicate to the guests that the party is organized to announce the retirement of an executive or long-serving member of the management;
  • Date, time and location of the event;
  • Party Program to explain the sequence of events that will take place such as speeches, gift presentations, performances and others;
  • Dress code;
  • Contact information and name so that guests can offer their RSVPs;
  • Optional information would be to include a brief description about the retiree’s accomplishment and contribution to the company as well as his or her number of service;
  • Attach separate response cards for guests to RSVP and
  • Attach direction cards or route map to the event.

Formal invitation cards should preferably be bi-fold or triple-fold, and quality of paper used should look professional. Guest names are preferably printed instead of handwritten.

Invitation Cards for Informal Retirement Parties:
Most retirement parties are informal in nature and are held for families and closed friends. They can take place in any setting, be it BBQ parties, parties at the beach, tea party, pool parties or even informal parties at the office. Most of the time, the setting itself would set the mood and theme for the parties and help determine the design and concept for the invitation cards. Retirement party invitation cards can be personalized by inserting a photo of the retiree on the card, or they can be based on motifs related to the retiree’s favorite past times such as gardening, wine, fishing, golf, sailing, cooking and others.

Wordings on the cards should also be carefully chosen. Original quotes can be used especially if the retiree was a teacher, a writer, a preacher or has a library of articles or publications that can be quoted from that reflects his or her philosophy and beliefs. Alternatively, opt to insert some well-known quotes about retirement, be it inspirational or humorous. Below are a few examples of inspirational retirement quotes that can be used:

• The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt
• Age is only a number, a cipher for the records. A man can’t retire his experience. He must use it – Bernard Baruch
• Retire from work, but not from life – M.K. Soni

If one opts for humorous quotes, below are some examples that can be used:

• The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off – Abe Lemons
• When you retire you switch bosses – from the one who hired you to the one who married you – Gene Perret
• Retirement: World’s longest coffee break – Author Unknown

An invitation card for informal retirement parties should have the following information:

  • Brief quote or announcement of the retirement;
  • Date, time and location of the event;
  • Dress code or specific dressing required such as swimwear or to remind guests to bring along an extra change of clothes when the party is held at a beach or by the pool;
  • Contact information and name so that guests can respond their RSVPs to;
  • Other information about the party, such as “bring a gift”, party theme or information a guest may need to know;
  • Attach separate response cards for guests to RSVP and
  • Attach direction cards or route map to the event.

Informal party invitation cards can be either bi-fold or single flat and since it is informal, guest names can be handwritten.

Invitation Cards for Surprise Retirement Parties:
Many people plan surprise parties for birthdays, but many do it for retirements too. It is usually planned by one’s spouse, family or colleagues who have planned the event without the retiree’s knowledge. A lot of the surprise party elements are similar to informal retirement parties mentioned above except that the design elements are done without consulting the retiree.

For surprise parties, there must be some information in the card that mentions that it is a surprise party so that guests do not “let the cat out of the bag” by telling the retiree about this beforehand. Wordings such as “Shhh…It’s a Surprise!”, “Don’t let the Secret Out”, “It’s a Surprise Party!” or “Guest Who’s Retiring?” are commonly used in surprise invitation cards. Also the design used should be more fun and jovial in order to suit the element of a surprise party.

Host a Retirement Party Today
Retirement parties are very meaningful events; they mark a person’s cross road in life and celebrate a successful past and a bright future ahead. Therefore, one should put some thoughts into planning the most memorable retirement party with great food, décor, beautiful invitation cards and an interesting and meaningful program that the retiree will remember for a long time to come.

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