Retirement Savings Calculator

Retirement savings calculators

Retirement savings calculators can be helpful resources in planning your future, but putting too much emphasis upon these tools and their results s not advised.

There are a multitude of factors involved in keeping a retirement savings calculator a useful tool rather than a resource that leads you astray. You must keep your wits about you when utilizing these instruments in guiding you to the retirement you desire.

Planning and Evaluating
There are plenty of calculators out there for retirement savings planning. The key in selecting the ones that you understand. You don’t have to utilize a calculator that’s overly complex or goes into too much detail right away.

With such a large selection of calculators out there, you might find it is better to start with a more basic version, one that focuses on laying out your major finances such as bank account balances, retirement accounts, and other major assets such as a home or car, and liabilities such as mortgages and personal debt. This can help you gain a better understanding of where your current retirement savings stand before escalating efforts.

Once you have a calculator that lays out your basic finances, you may be ready to upgrade to a calculator that could forecast your accumulated retirement savings over a given period of time, one that will provide a general idea of how much income you will have when you decide to retire or some other version that can take into account various aspects of retirement living and that can be tailored to your specific needs.

But having and utilizing a good retirement calculator is about more than just getting some decent information and setting it aside along with your will and household insurance policies. You need to keep up with your personal finances and retirement progress on a regular basis. It is important to re-evaluate your retirement finances as your life and living situation changes.

As jobs come and go, income fluctuates, expenses increase or decrease, the family grows or shrinks, and lifestyles change, so may your retirement plans and expectations. Therefore, it is important to update the information that you are getting from these calculators and that you are using for the financial aspects in planning for your retirement.

Risks of Retirement Savings Calculators
While retirement calculators can be a big help in planning for your financial future, there may be risks involved with using such tools. While a calculator by itself may only be able to provide you with a snapshot of what your eventual retirement might look like financially, that snapshot can be made clearer or fuzzier based upon how you utilize the calculator or the information it provides. This is probably one of the biggest risks to getting information from a retirement calculator. Either by not being honest about the information you plug into your calculator or not properly understanding your own finances, you can skew the results the calculator provides.

Besides not providing accurate information when working with a retirement calculator, basing your entire retirement around a calculator’s results can be equally risky. A retirement calculator is not a crystal ball complete with magical powers that can foresee the future. There can be a huge number of variables that can come into play in the years before your retirement and that can affect your savings results. So being as accurate and knowledgeable, not only about the information you are providing a calculator but about the information it is providing you, can help minimize the risks that the results you receive from your calculations will be incorrect or lead you astray.

There wouldn’t be such a variety of retirement calculators if there weren’t rewards to their usage. Besides helping to ensure a secure financial future for you and your loved ones, you may also find that such tools can help provide a peace of mind in knowing what you must do to attain such a future. Whether it’s saving a set amount each year, extending your retirement timeline a bit to ensure sufficient savings, reducing expenses, or increasing your investment returns, calculators can help provide peace of mind as to how to better meet your retirement savings goals.

You may also find that by using a calculator to organize and predict your retirement savings, you feel more confident in your abilities to control your financial destiny. Planning not only for yourself, but possibly for a family as well, can put a lot of weight on your shoulders. Kids might need to go to college, houses may be bought and sold, there is the financial security of your family, and a multitude of other issues to consider.

The overall success or failure of your financial future lies with you and the decisions you make. By utilizing retirement calculators you can support information you’ve received or try to crunch some numbers of your own to help determine if what your advisor has been telling you is accurate.

Retirement Saving Calculators
There are many different facets of retirement to consider in your planning, and many different types of retirement savings calculators to help you with this planning. Since there are numerous aspects relating to your retirement savings, it’s important to be aware of what types of calculators are out there and available to help you with your savings plans and estimates. While you might not need or make use of all these options, you may be able to choose the ones that will be most beneficial to your needs or at least stick them in the back of your mind for future reference should the need for their use arise.

Retirement savings calculators might help you with the following tasks:

  • Determining present or future Social Security payments
  • Understanding what portion of your income should be saved for retirement
  • Knowing your total current savings
  • Determining how fast your savings can or will grow
  • Reviewing the possible future value of your current savings
  • Finding out if you are saving enough money for your retirement needs
  • Estimating whether you may outlive your savings
  • Estate planning (figuring the amount of your retirement nest egg that might be available to family upon your death)

So whether you’re trying to determine how much of a cash stash you’ll have when you’re done with the working world, or just running a few numbers to figure out if (or when) you’ll be able to retire, utilizing savings calculators can be an instrumental part of your retirement equation.

The author is not a licensed financial professional. The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or financial advice. For financial advice, readers should consult a licensed financial advisor. Any action taken by the reader due to the information provided in this article is solely at the reader’s discretion.

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