Retirement Villages

Benefits of Retirement Villages

For many people, retiring can give them a second lease of life as they begin a new phase in their lives. Retirement villages are becoming increasingly popular amongst the older generations as they offer security, good facilities and a social network that they wouldn’t be able to access if they lived elsewhere.

village for retireesTypes of Retirement Villages

Retirement villages come in many forms. Depending on what facilities you are looking for will be a deciding factor on what types of villages suit your needs.

  • If you are moving into a retirement village due to health or physical reasons, there are warden assisted apartments that specialize in helping residents particular requirements to enjoy their lives. Such apartments often have emergency call buttons and specially adapted bathrooms so that residents can live a full and independent life.
  • Other types of retirement villages are aimed at those who are still active in their retirement but want to enjoy their golden years in a safe and comfortable community.
  • Some of the retirement villages are designed in a resort style and features things such as swimming pools, fitness centers and landscaped grounds to wander.

Benefits of Living in a Retirement Village

For many the idea of living in a retirement village means giving up their independence. However, this is not necessarily the case. There are a number of benefits to living within a retirement village including the ability to carry on living an active, independent life.

One of the major benefits to living in a retirement village is the security. More and more residential villages, particularly retirement villages feature gated entrances and 24 hour security teams manning the gates. Other benefits to consider are the use of good facilities including fitness centers. Many of the retirement villages now feature fitness centers and even offer classes such as yoga and pilates to their residents. This is a great way to keep active and healthy in retirement.

As with all property managed sites, building and in home maintenance is handled by the on site maintenance team who are there to assist residents. This is ideal if you have problems in your home such as blocked sinks or faulty light switches as you know it will be taken care of quickly and efficiently without any trouble. Also worth considering is the access residents have to their on site management team. If there are any issues you need dealt with, the on site management team keep regular office hours and are there to make their residents lives more pleasant. For retirees who live alone this is a comforting fact as they know someone is there if you need them.

The Social Aspect of Retirement Villages

Life at a retirement village is never dull and there is a wide social network in place at almost every residence. New tenants are given a tour of the village and introduced to staff members who are there to help them on a day-to-day basis.

On-site, there is a residents club house which can be used for gatherings and private parties and many villages often organize a regular social event. These social events are a good way for new tenants to meet their neighbors in a relaxed, informal setting and are usually very popular amongst the residents of the village.

As well as the clubhouse events, some retirement villages offer excursions and even help to organize group vacations for residents. The possibilities are seemingly endless!

With so much going on residents are able to enrich their lives through participating in many of the retirement villages activities. for retirees who live on their own, being part of a social community such as a retirement village makes it easier to make friends and meet new people. It also gives them the opportunity to take part in many social events that they may not otherwise be able to.

Peace of Mind

For many retirees’ family members, retirement villages offer peace of mind. With the knowledge that their relatives are living in safe communities and that there are staff members on hand to help, as well as the active social clubs, family members feel assured that they are enjoying their retirement in style.

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